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Bitcoin at your fingertips

Bitkipi offers the easiest way to purchase bitcoin with single and automatic recurring buys. Send a bank payment and receive bitcoin straight into your wallet.

  • Start immediately. No account verification.
  • Available in Europe 🇪🇺
  • You can buy as little as 10 EUR/CHF.
  • Bitcoin-only, yes!
  • Easy to use.
  • bitcoin are sent directly to your own wallet. Your savings are truly in your control.
  • Receive bitcoin directly into your hardware wallet.
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. A simple goal, a strong value proposition

We believe buying and owning bitcoin doesn't have to be complicated. We want everybody to be able do it in a seamless way and with peace of mind. That's why we created Bitkipi.

. Start immediately

We do not need you to go through annoying identity verification processes. Just download the app and start immediately. You can buy as little as 10 EUR/CHF.

. Easy to use

An essential and totally frictionless experience is waiting for you. The app has been designed to make your experience easier at every step.

. Auto DCA

Create a recurring order and setup a standing wire transfer from your bank account. Send payments whenever you feel like it ad watch your bitcoin stack grow.

. Bitcoin-only, yes!

We believe bitcoin is the best form of money mankind have ever had. That's the reason why we only focus on Bitcoin and we do not offer any other cryptocurrency.

. Not your keys, not your coins

bitcoin are sent directly to your own wallet. Your savings are truly in your control.

. Multiple wallets

Create or import as many wallets as you want. You can easily setup different savings plans using different wallets and even keep an eye on your cold storage importing an XPUB.

. Advanced features

Despite the app being designed to be easy to use, it offers a full-fledged Bitcoin wallet, with a lot of opt-in advanced features.

  • Multiple wallets support.
  • Watch-only wallets (xpub, ypub, zpub) to keep an eye on cold storage.
  • Custom derivation paths.
  • Custom transaction fees.
  • BIP39 passphrase.
  • Connect to your own Bitcoin full-node running ElectrumX or Electrs.

Ready to start?

Start now saving bitcoin


1. Download the app

Create a new Bitcoin wallet or import an already existing one.


2. Create an order

Create a single or a recurring order to be paid by bank transfer. We accept EUR and CHF.


3. Receive bitcoin

Every received payment will automatically be exchanged into bitcoin which will then be sent to your wallet.